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Composite Hose





The Dantec & Flexiflo relationship for composite hoses show why two leaders can come together to achieve the highest quality product. The vast availability of composite hoses are designed to suit a whole range of mineral and vegetable oils, Liquid Chemicals and fuels. Hoses are available from low pressure road tanker applications through to heavy duty ship to shore hoses. All hoses are suitable for suction and delivery.

  • Fuel & Oil Hoses
  • Chemical Hoses
  • Marine Ship to Shore Hoses
  • Road Tanker & Vapour Recovery Hoses
  • Special Applications
  • Hose Handling Accessories
Vapour Hose
BioFuel Hose Combined
Danoil 3 Petroleum and Oil hose
Danoil 7 and 9 Petrolium and Oil hose
Danflon Fluoropolymer Hose
Danchem PG Hose
Danoil 7 and 9 Petrolium and Oil hose
Danoil 3GG Tank Truck
Danoil 3 Petroleum and Oil hose
Vapour Hose
Danoil 3AA
Danoil 3AG Tank Truck
Fire Safe Bottom Loading Hose
Marine Tower Hose
Danchem PA Cryogenic Hose
Danchem SS Roof Drain
Hose Accessories